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Treating Acne With CBD

So many of us deal with acne at some time in our lives. It’s the most common skin ailment. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), about 80% of people between the ages

Sleep Smarter

Here’s what most of us think the typical healthy lifestyle looks like in the form of exercise: motion, running, lifting weights, riding a bike or taking a fitness class. The goal: raise our heart-rate,

Spring Cleaning Improves Your Health

Spring cleaning improves your health! While you might dread putting on your gloves and giving your home a good scrub down in the name of spring, we've discovered that there are some actual health

Learn Your Skin Care ABC’s

Time to learn your skincare ABC's! I’m getting back to basics this month with Osmosis ABC's and talking about vitamins A, B, C, and E, essentials in any skincare routine. We are in an

Cutting Dairy for Clear and Youthful Skin

Removing dairy for clear and youthful skin - cutting milk, cheese and butter will reduce breakouts and redness, and improve your complexion. Which came first, the milk or the hormones? Most dietitians, dermatologists and

“Getting facials and skin treatments like Rezenerate from Lani has made incredible improvements on my skin. Lani knows exactly what helps each individual and what helps to refresh and rejuvenate your skin to bring back that healthy glow to aging skin. Lani has an extensive background in holistic treatments that are painless and noninvasive. To know her is to know how passionate she is about the health and well being of her clients. And those neck and shoulder massages just add that special something to her treatments.”

Lisa S.

“What a fantastic experience. Lani really knows her stuff. She is very thorough in her education and consultation process prior to your facial treatment. As someone with sensitive skin, Lani really customized my facial for my skin’s needs. The products she used on my skin were fantastic. She is very welcoming, sweet, and best of all knowledgeable! I highly recommend her services, especially if you have skin conditions and prefer a natural professional skin care line. Thanks Lani!”

Laura S.

“Run, don’t walk here. She is the first skin care professional to really get my skin and skin care issues, address them in a holistic way and give me beautiful glowing skin on a regular basis!”

Andy S.